Lollipod tripod iphone video baby monitor 3g

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TappyTaps is an young innovative award winning European software development house which produces several apps which specialise in video monitoring.

Their amazing apps take video monitoring to a whole new level and even give you the ability to interaction with your baby or dog! 

Lollipod tripod iphone video baby monitor 3g    Lollipod tripod iphone video baby monitor 3g       Lollipod tripod iphone as dog video remote monitor 3g      Lollipod tripod iphone as dog video remote monitor 3g  


Most of us have a spare phone after upgrading or other apple devices at home. In this article we’re looking at combining them, an app and a Lollipod to make a very cheap, but ultra high tech 3G video baby monitor. One which allows you to monitor, see and even speak to your baby remotely and If you don’t have a child, we do a version for your dog!

Lollipod tripod iphone video baby monitor 3g


Baby Monitor 3G is popular app, that turns any two iPhones, iPads or iPods touch into one single video baby monitor. One device stays in the child room serving as baby station, while the other one is with parents at all times. With this setup parents can hear their child and even see live video or pictures.

That’s why it was selected as ‘Best App of 2012’ in Apple’s App Store in Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Before you can start watching your baby it’s necessary to place device serving as baby station somewhere near the crib, so the camera can see the sleeping baby. It may be sometimes a bit challenging, but Lollipod can really help with that!

Big advantage of Lollipod stand is that you can place the Baby station anywhere in the room. The tripod is high enough to give you great viewing angle no matter if your baby sleeps in the crip or in the stroller. Setting up the Lollipod to desired height goes really fast in comparison with ordinary photography tripods.

The Lollipod also comes in a range for colours to suit your nursery including a great pink or blue option.

Lollipod - Tripod for Multiple Devices (Phones,GoPro, Cameras, Strobes)

Lollipod – Tripod for Multiple Devices (Phones,GoPro, Cameras, Strobes)

If you’re wondering how to mount your iPhone into an tripod, Lollipod will soon be a launching universal phone holder (we played with an early prototype)  It makes this process matter of seconds. Unmounting is easy as well, just press the button and remove the phone. Until Lollipod launch their own, we recommend this one from Joby.


Once you have the baby station on place, take the second device, open Baby Monitor 3G app and start monitoring. Now you can hear every single noise from child’s room, you can see live video and if you wish, you can even speak to your child. It means that you can take a rest and at the same time, stay in touch with your baby.

In case your baby sleeps on the back garden or balcony, you’ll like the Lollipod’s stabilization kit. It ensures that the tripod won’t fall over in wind.


One of the reasons more than 200 000 parents loves Baby Monitor 3G is, that it’s great while travelling. Having baby monitor inside your phone or tablet instead of carrying standalone hardware devices, that often refuse to work is great advantage. Parents have the possibility to enjoy dinner in hotel restaurant and in the same time keep an eye on their child sleeping in the hotel room. This is not possible with ordinary baby monitors because they suffer from interference. Lollipod tripod can be great for travelling as well. Thanks to it’s small dimensions and lightweight it can fit to any bag. It can help you to make great and original holiday photos and when you’re not taking pictures, it can serve as stand for device used as baby station letting watch your child from ideal angle.

Lollipod tripod iphone video baby monitor 3g

With Baby Monitor 3G, Lollipod can attract not only photographers who want to benefit from light and portable tripod, but it can also help parents, who want to check on their sleeping baby and have time to relax.

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