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Expert: Marytn Goddard

Martyn Goddard is a photographic legend who was at the forefront of the British music producing Iconic images and record covers for artists like Blondie, Phil Collins, Bryan Ferry, Elton John, ACDC, Jam & Queen.  Checkout his printsbook.

Martyn now focuses on Car photography winning a host of awards including “Audi Car Photographer of the Year” & “Hyundai Automotive Photographer of the Year”
no less than four times. Checkout his celebrity studded Galleries here. 

Freddie Mecury of 'Queen" live concert 1976    001-000151x210    Bryan Ferry driving in London 1982    Pete Townsend relaxes in a Pub in Soho London 198
Martyn is passionate about travel and shoots for a number of international magazine. You can see his fabulous travels here.



Tripod as a Creative Tool:

A tripod is one of the oldest camera accessories and yet in this digital era of image stabilizing and compact cameras, it can still be a great creative tool, opening up a Pandora’s box of visual treats using time exposure.

I have been a professional photographer for too many years than I want to remember but throughout my career I have owned all types of these camera stands, which have been an integral part of my equipment, despite most being very heavy.

The RAC club Pall Mall LondonPlacing the camera on a stand and using an exposure time that might be 30 seconds for a night shot or half a second in the case of a moving person or speeding car, the camera will remain still and focused with the shutter open.

The world rushes by, resulting in spectacular images, a technique totally reliant on the camera staying still.  It will help if you have a cable shutter release but most cameras have self-timers, which will work fine in a variety of situations.

We all carry a camera of some kind, a mobile phone or in my case a micro 4 thirds compact.  The Lollipod is a lightweight stand that is portable and ever ready for that creative opportunity and as image-makers, it could be the solution.  We now have no excuses for not having a tripod handy.

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